Episode 3. Child's play

Date: Friday, 12 May 2017 | Audio duration: 47:16 | Podcast authors: By Ben Byford, Tony Finch and Ben (Shakes) Waddleton | Downloads: 823

In which we bravely soldier on, having played nearly no games since the previous podcast. Ben introduces Albert, but Albert is not interested in well reasoned debate. Marty is still there, but contents himself with growling at his reflection...

Later, it turns out Ben has played some games, and the others join in, relieved. Later still, someone accidentally lets Tony talk about programming and worse: allows him talk about it for some time.

Mentioned on the podcast:

Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime
Tales from the Borderlands
Nim Lang - Programming Language
Rocket league - talking about it's meta game
Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers
Unity3D chat