Episode 4. Link The Ecological Disaster

Date: Friday, 14 July 2017 | Audio duration: 41:15 | Podcast authors: By Ben Byford, Tony Finch and guest Jonathan Byford | Downloads: 692

This week, Benjamin Waddleton is absent, and is replaced by ANOTHER Byford (Jon.) Fortunately Tony makes up for this hideous imbalance by waffling on even more. We also hit our stride as a bastion of indie gaming by talking about such obscure gems as Zelda, Dark Souls, Pokemon and Black and White.

Jon also compares Breath of the Wild to Zen Buddhism, or possibly Capitalism. Ben laments the fact that Hard Mode makes a game hard. He also threatens to make Tony talk about multi-dimensional arrays, which Tony is keen to do, but luckily this will never happen on-air.


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